Thursday, 18 February 2010

SHOCK: Tories Want to Turn Back Time

It's not surprising that over the course of almost 13 years the Labour government have done a few things I have not been pleased about. I'm not talking about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, both of which I believe to have been the right decision, but rather the ban on fox hunting.

My stand on fox hunting is not based on the irrelevant economic arguments that were bandied around by the Tories at the time, but rather the fact that foxes are vermin and need to be controlled. Fox hunting may be a very ineffective method of controlling foxes, but if people want to spend their time dressing up and chasing through fields on horses, then I'd have let them. The pleasure I get from duck, faggots and haggis means I am highly unlikely to be tempted by the cult of vegetarianism.

That does not mean however, that I want even more parliamentary time wasted on the topic. If the Conservatives get elected (and I still believe it is far from a certainty), do we really want them spending their time in office revisiting every earlier decision? Or would we prefer them to deal with the issues of the day?

Unfortunately the Conservative Party will always look to the past, because in their minds that's where the world was always better.